Einstein Structured Funding is your kind of partner

Einstein Structured Settlements is your perfect financial partner when it comes to making money available to you. We also specialize in lottery winning customers and can deal with somebody regardless of their age. We achieve this by converting lottery winnings and future annuities into cash when you need it most. If you are looking for a company that can speed up your annuity payout for immediate access to your money, then look no further than Einstein Structured Settlements. At Einstein, we are able to offer our clients the best deal settlement funded for the maximum amount of money. Additionally, we work closely with our clients to ensure that all their questions concerning the value of their future payments are well answered.

With Einstein, lottery winners no longer have to keep waiting for years for their money. We do all we can to free our lottery winning clients from the normal restrictive deferred payment schedule; we ensure that you receive a lump sum of your money faster than usual. One of our first priorities when it comes to structured settlements are maximization of our clients’ payments. We have experts who will ensure that your structured settlement payments are maximized to the highest level possible. If you want to accelerate your annuity payout as well as convert all or some of your future annuity payments into cash then do not hesitate to contact us today for a quote to see how we can get you cash now.

Trust in us to design a customized program structured to benefit your family and at the same time offer you excellent customer service. We have the ability to offer you with the highest cash payout available in the current market for all your structure settlement payments. Additionally, we provide highly professional services for the deferred payment program.

What makes us unique is our quality customer services as well as dedication to integrity. Caring for our clients tops the list of our priorities. We are dedicated to providing excellent and highly satisfying services to all our customers and we provide customized solutions that benefit them and their families. We also work closely with our clients to ensure that all their financial objectives, both current and future, are met to their full expectations.

Simply contact us in case you have any questions related to personal injury or wrongful death settlements, lottery prize awards, product liability insurance settlements, medical malpractice lawsuits, coal mining accidents, workers compensation earnings that you would like to sell off, contest winnings as well as casino jackpots. We also deal with other funding issues related to hard money lending, reverse mortgages, and royalties and trust.


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