Malware Virus – John Darer

John Darer Malware

Structured Settlement Watchdog Malware

Please remember to report badware to Google when a website has been hacked. Looks like it’s time for him to change servers and IP addresses 🙂

Update: As of today it seems that John Darer has remedied the malware that was on his website but vehemently denies for some reason that his website was infected when Google confirmed this as per the image above. John as a watchdog for the industry you should be looking out for peoples best interest and admitting when you are fallible instead you decide to lie to your readers by denying that your website was infected with malware as PROVEN by Google. His website is now safe to browse again but if there are any complaints about john darer and his network of structured settlement websites please do make sure to report it as a backup to the watchdog to ensure that your computers are not infected.