Getting Your Life on Track

Getting your life on track can be tough for an 18 year old. Jenny was a high school graduate working part time jobs, but she wasn’t happy.

“I wanted to go to college. I was tired of working low paying jobs,” she said, “On a whim, I applied, and I got in! But I just couldn’t afford it.” Jenny was receiving a structured settlement from a playground accident when she was a kid. “One of the monkey bars I was playing on came loose. I broke my leg in two places and broke my arm. I wasn’t receiving much per month, so I was looking to receive a lump sum to help with college costs.”

Jenny contacted Einstein and we were able to set her up with the lump sum that she needed.

“I was really happy with the work that Einstein did for me. I was able to pay for college, and still had enough left to clear out my credit card debt. Thanks for everything, Einstein!