Selling a Structured Settlement to the right company?

There are a lot of financial advisers and CFP’s who will tell you where to spend, invest, and save your money. At the end of the day most of them want to receive their fee and may or may not know what is truly in their best interest. The good thing is most of these individuals realize that if they steer you in the wrong direction then they risk losing their license and can thus get into big trouble.

When you are looking to sell off a structured settlement payment you are dealing with companies that know the importance of treating you with the utmost respect and obeying the laws to ensure that they help to facilitate a deal that gives you the money you need and the judge is okay with approving your deal.

There is a long list of companies that you can work with to trade in your payments. To transfer your pay outs we recommend the lump sum company based in Florida as they have faciltated and helped over 1,000 people in the last year to transfer their payments and have become one of the largest buyers in the entire world. The iSettlement company is also very well respected and has led the way to approve and service clients every need.

Here are some common questions you can ask when looking to sell a payment:

  • How long has the company been in business
  • Are they accredited with the BBB
  • Are they a big company
  • Can they afford to purchase my payment streams
  • Is their staff knowledgeable and friendly

Hope this helps to assist you in your future sale if you do decide to move forward.


Getting Your Life on Track

Getting your life on track can be tough for an 18 year old. Jenny was a high school graduate working part time jobs, but she wasn’t happy.

“I wanted to go to college. I was tired of working low paying jobs,” she said, “On a whim, I applied, and I got in! But I just couldn’t afford it.” Jenny was receiving a structured settlement from a playground accident when she was a kid. “One of the monkey bars I was playing on came loose. I broke my leg in two places and broke my arm. I wasn’t receiving much per month, so I was looking to receive a lump sum to help with college costs.”

Jenny contacted Einstein and we were able to set her up with the lump sum that she needed.

“I was really happy with the work that Einstein did for me. I was able to pay for college, and still had enough left to clear out my credit card debt. Thanks for everything, Einstein!